Interested in starting your own European HomeParliament or in participating in one? Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How can I participate in a European HomeParliament?

It’s very simple. Click on the yellow button at the top right “I want to participate” You will be redirected to the platform of our partner openPetition. Now click on the button “I want to participate”. Choose whether you want to set up your own session or participate in an existing one. Participation is possible online or offline.

I am a host and would like to register my HomeParliament. How does it work?

Go to the European HomeParliament page on openPetition and click on the “I want to participate” button. Now you can enter all the important details for your HomeParliament step by step. We have prepared a pdf guide for you, which will help you with the registration.

I don't want to be a host, but join as a participant. How does that work?

Once you are on the openPetition platform, you can click on the“I want to join” button. If there are open sessions, click on the “suggested sessions” box. Look at the sessions you like best in terms of date and language. It is also possible that the website displays the following message: “In your selected language no sessions are available”.In this case, just wait a few days or, even better, register and start a HomeParliament yourself.

I am a host and do not have enough participants for my HomeParliament. What can I do?

Once your HomeParliament is registered on the openPetition platform, you have the option to open your session to other participants. To do this, you can click on the button “Let other participants join”. Now participants can join your online or offline session, the so-called matching-process. Of course, you can still invite friends, family or acquaintances.

I would like to be part of an international HomeParliament. In which language will it take place?

If you invite participants yourself, you can conduct the HomeParliament in any language you’d like. If you choose a HomeParliament with participants from other countries that are matched, there is a high probability that the debate will be held in English. However, you can also decide together on another language, as you can always contact the participants of your HomeParliament via openPetition.

Where can I enter the results of my HomeParliament and what is it for?

By entering your results, you are part of a representative pan-European picture and make an important contribution to European democracy. At the end of the HomeParliament round, you can also exchange views with top EU politicians. To enter the results, click on the small pencil in the top right corner of each registered participant. After that enter the results question by question. We have a pdf guide here to help you.

How can I subscribe to the HomeParliament’s newsletter?

You can sign up at the bottom of the homeparliaments.eu/en/ homepage to find out all about the HomeParliaments and ensure you don’t miss any more news.