EU-politics needs civic participation

Discuss the future of the EU with friends, family or acquaintances. Invite to your private discussion round – Your European HomeParliament – from 19 September to 22 November 2020.

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EU-Politik braucht Bürgerbeteiligung

Diskutiere mit Familie, Freunden oder Bekannten über die Zukunft der EU. Organisiere Deine private Gesprächsrunde – Dein Europäisches HausParlament – vom 19. September bis zum 1. November 2020.



Results of the 2nd round

Topics: unemployment insurance, carbon tax & border security

From March 1st to April 14th 2019, more than 1,500 citizens discussed European policy issues in 260 privately organised HomeParliaments throughout Germany. The topic of this edition was “A Europe that protects”.

A large majority of the House Parliaments supported the introduction of an unemployment fund and a CO2 tax at EU level. With 68% and 79% respectively, the MEHPs (Members of European HomeParliaments) thus made it very clear that they wanted closer union on these issues. More than half of the participants even thought that the proposal of a CO2 tax did not go far enough. The debate on strengthening the border management agency FRONTEX was much more controversial. With 131 votes in favour, a very narrow majority of the 260 house parliaments voted in favour of the proposal.

Answers of the top candidates for the EU19 election

Sven Giegold, The Greens / EFA

Nicola Beer, FDP / Renew Europe

Katarina Barley, SPD / S&D

Manfred Weber, CSU / EPP

Discuss the future of European solidarity

The 3rd round of European HomeParliaments

The effects of the corona crisis on health and the economy are unprecedented. In the course of its development, the different perceptions and needs of the EU countries have become clear and painful memories of the financial crisis have been reawakened. At the same time, political decisions of hitherto unknown magnitude have been taken, which has highlighted how great the political scope for action is. It raises the question: what significance should solidarity have in the EU?

Discuss the future of European solidarity on the basis of three aspects:

Economic solidarity among member states
Social inequality between member states
How to combat climate change

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