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You want to have your say in European politics? Then host your own European HomeParliament. Invite friends and acquaintances and co-decide on the future of Europe.

With our HomeParliaments project we want to enable and stimulate civic engagement where opinions are first formed: at home, during an evening in the pub or at a picnic with friends in the park. These are alle ideal settings to organise your own private parliament and discuss topical issues in European politics today.

More information on the second round to follow soon.


1. Register

Register on this website as a first step. We will get in touch with you to confirm your registration. After that, we will make sure you receive all the information and materials you need for your HomeParliament, including a questionnaire with the questions to discuss.

2. Convene your HomeParliament

Once you have received the all the materials, you can invite three to seven friends or acquaintances to your Parliament. When making your appointment, please take note of the deadline before which you have to send back your results.

3. Your HomeParliament in session

Once you have settled on a date and invited your guests, you are good to go. On average, a HomeParliamentary session takes up to two hours. A moderation guideline will help you to structure your session. The answers to the questions can be simply filled out in a specially provided reply form after the discussion.

4. Send back the results

Return the reply form with your HomeParliamentary decisions and recommendations to Pulse of Europe. We will make a compilation of all the feedback and pass it on to the political decision makers who have committed to the project. They are waiting for your input and looking forward to get in touch!

The Concept

HomeParliaments offer an effective method to enhance public interest in European politics and stimulate civic participation. It aims at the improvement of legislative processes through a coordinated exchange of information between voters, political decision makers, and experts. Everybody who is interested and has a constructive opinion can join and have his or her say.

Pulse of Europe wants to use this method particularly to remedy the widening gap between representatives and those represented on a European Level. The European HomeParliaments aim to establish a connect between European citizens and politicians in Brussels.

In contrast to models of public participation based on the statistical survey of public opinion, the outcome of the HomeParliaments are the result of prerequisite debate and the exchange of opinion between participants. The carefully prepared materials brief the participants and guide them through the discussion, creating space for HomeParliamentarians to refine, expand or reshape their opinions. This model is markedly open to those, who (as yet) feel unheard or unaddressed by politicians.

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